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Through Scholarships, Mentorship, Grants, and Unforgettable Experiences We Support And Celebrate Young People.


Through scholarships for college and trade schools, we inspire students to envision and begin to shape their futures.


We run formal, meaningful programs where young people in our communities have the opportunity to be inspired, mentored by and develop relationships with MSG Sports, MSG Entertainment, and MSG Networks employees and talent in our workplaces.


Through direct financial support for bricks and mortar improvements to community facilities, as well as for community-based sports, entertainment and media projects, we enhance the environment of young people where they live and grow.


We utilize our unmatched line-up of events and assets to provide unforgettable experiences to young people that foster healing and joy. Far more than a singular moment in time, these ongoing experiences inspire courage and connection that offers both celebration and hope for the future.

The Garden of Dreams Foundation is a non-profit charity that provides young people in our communities with access to educational and skills opportunities; mentoring programs; and memorable experiences that enhance their lives, help shape their futures and create lasting joy.

All of the Foundation’s activities are driven by four guiding principles — Education, Inspiration, Grants and Moments of Joy — and target young people facing illness or financial challenges, as well as children of uniformed personnel who have been lost or injured while serving our communities. Since its inception in 2006, the Garden of Dreams Foundation has impacted more than 375,000 young people and their families.